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BatchGeo is the fastest way to create Google Maps from your spreadsheets. Founded in 2006, we believe there is a story within your data waiting to be told. Maps create a visual representation that a list of addresses or other locations just can't possibly communicate.

Thousands of people around the world come to BatchGeo to transform their data into fun, useful maps.




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Why BatchGeo?

Our philosophy is to build a service that allows anyone to create a beautiful, useful map. You don't have to be a cartographer or a programmer. You don't need to learn GIS or JavaScript. We did that for you.

Most mapping tools require special software and training. We pride ourselves on being as easy as: copy, then paste

View your locations on a map, filter based off other data in your spreadsheet, and drill into the data within your map. Use the built-in analysis features to get advanced visualizations without complicated configuration. You can try making Google Maps the hard way, then come back and try the easy way. The BatchGeo way.

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History of BatchGeo

How we got started

BatchGeo was founded in 2006 by a team of geographic information systems (GIS) experts. As Google Maps was just rising in popularity, we noticed how difficult it was for non-programmers to convert addresses into coordinates required by mapping systems.

Over 10 years later and we continue to push ourselves to be the fastest, easiest way to put your list of addresses on a map, no coding or coordinates required.

BatchGeo is located in Vancouver, WA, just north of Portland, OR.

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People all over the world love using BatchGeo!

Dana Magliola

"God bless you @batchgeo for making my life so much easier."

Chard Ares

"Actually, kind of easy with BatchGeo. No coding, just copy and paste addresses (that the program translates into latitude & longitude). Then just share!"

Daniel Degner

"If it wasn't for this program our campaign would've lost many hours. Thanks to BatchGeo we were able to maximize the use of our time resulting in our campaign win."

Where we are located

"It's a fast way to make it look like you did a whole bunch of work, and that's never a bad thing."

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Accuracy & Security

BatchGeo uses the best and most secure cloud platforms, subscribing to modern security standards. We periodically conduct site-wide scans and engage in external security audits. We take care to protect the addresses, passwords, and other data that you provide to us. You can find out more about security at BatchGeo

We also rely upon the best mapping solutions on the market, providing the most accurate locations and underlying geographic data available. We use premium versions of Google Maps to display your geographic data, as well as for geocoding, the process to convert addresses to coordinates.

The best way to see how BatchGeo will work for you is to create a map for free

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