BatchGeo Enterprise

Securely Share Maps with Your Whole Team

Uncover the meaning within your data

Maps tell a story that spreadsheets can’t. To understand your data, you need robust data analysis tools. With geographic data, there’s nothing better than a map. BatchGeo Enterprise is the easiest, fastest way to zoom in on trends that help your team make good decisions.

Unlock productivity across your organization

Decrease communication breakdown, the number one time killer. Sharing and subscription features allow easy collaboration. Your team can map leads, customers, business locations, and other important data, then share selectively within your organization. BatchGeo Enterprise makes sure you’re always be on the same page.

Is BatchGeo right for your company?


Enhanced Security for Your Data and Maps

BatchGeo Enterprise uses industry-leading practices to maintain the security of our servers and your data. Any data transferred between the client and server is always encrypted with SSL. Addresses are sent individually to Google for the purposes of geocoding, also over SSL. Addresses are always decoupled from other data you upload to BatchGeo. Further, your map data is never shared with advertisers.

BatchGeo uses the best and most secure cloud platforms. Our servers are routinely patched and kept up to date with the most secure versions of required software. Passwords are never kept in plain text—they are always salted and hashed before storing in our database. All your data is stored securely in a database that is kept behind a firewall and not directly accessible from the Internet. We periodically conduct site-wide scans and engage in external security audits.


Additional security features are built into our product, including:

  • Multiple privacy settings on map visibility
  • Unguessable URLs for unlisted maps
  • Hide addresses and limit zoom on selected maps

Enterprise Advantage

Priority Support

Get answers to your questions fast. Enterprise customers have guaranteed turnaround time on support issues and a dedicated representative.

Custom Agreement

Beyond our existing service contract, we will agree to additional terms required by your organization (subject to approval.)

Flexible Payments

Pay by purchase order, invoicing, and with terms customized by your enterprise sales representative.

Granular Sharing

Your maps can be kept completely private, shared with your organization, or public for embedding in websites. Keep your sensitive data secure.

More Users

Receive volume pricing on more than 50 users, each with full access to create maps (and unlimited read-only access).

High Resolution Printing

Export to PDF or image for easier portability, sharing, and distribution in presentations, handouts, and more.

Advanced Data Selection

Choose data by using boundary and radius drawing tools, and revealing the interactive Data View. Sort columns and copy your selections back to your spreadsheets.

Heat Map Layer

Visualize location density in this thematic style. Advanced Mode allows you to toggle a graphical heat map layer, so you can view the "hot spots" in your data.

100x Faster Geocoding

Make new maps one hundred times faster: a large map containing 5000 markers will take only one minute.

No Ads

We will not display ads on your map page, or ever share your information with advertisers.

Street View Integration

Preview property frontage photos using Google Maps Street View, clicking on a marker gives you an instant view.

More Data & Groups

Support for mapping up to 20,000 data points at a time, and 3 additional color groups for your data.

Compare Enterprise, Free & Pro Packages

  • Markers per map
  • Users
  • Geocodes per minute
  • Export options
  • Security and privacy
  • Custom agreement
  • Advanced features
  • Advertising
  • Free

    Ideal for small operations

  • 250
  • N/A
  • 50
  • KML
  • Unlisted maps
  • None
  • None
  • Yes
  • Pro

    Map better and faster

  • 20,000
  • 10
  • 5,000
  • Private, SSL, team
  • None
  • Heat maps, data view
  • No
  • Enterprise

    Premier mapping for larger teams

    Pay by Invoice, PO,
    Credit Card
  • 20,000+
  • 50-1000+
  • 5,000
  • Private, SSL, team
  • Yes
  • Heat maps, data view
  • No

Customize Your BatchGeo Enterprise Package