Map data security (free version)

Using BatchGeo your map data stays on your own computer unless you choose to save it using the "Continue / Save" option. If you save the map your information will be sent to our servers and stored in a secure database.

When saving the map you will be given the option to keep the map unlisted or make it available publicly. If you choose to keep it unlisted, a random and unguessable URL will be created using a 128 bit 32 character hash. This URL will not be published on our web site, it will not be indexed by Google. The only way this URL will be found by public search engines is if you choose to publish it on a public site.

The URL really is impossible to guess, in fact in the 128 bit hash there are 309,485,009,821,345,068,724,781,056 possible values.

If you use the "Public" option when creating your map we may choose to feature your map or link it in our examples section. You can change the Public / Private option at any time using the edit screen.

Anonymized information from your map may be made available to Google so as to enable advertising. To opt out of this you will need to subscribe to our Pro version.

Enhanced security (pro version)

Our Pro version by default includes the security features of the free version, and has the following additional features:

* BatchGeo support staff may access your map in order to troubleshoot issues at your request. Staff may also at random check map data to ensure that no terms of use have been broken (such as using map for illegal purposes) and that BatchGeo services are working as intended. BatchGeo staff will access only in a secure environment using encrypted data transmission and complex passwords.

Server Security

BatchGeo uses the best and most secure cloud platforms. Our servers are routinely patched and kept up to date with the most secure versions of required software. Passwords are kept in a salted and hashed format (never in clear text.) Your data will be stored securely in a database that is kept behind a firewall and not directly accessible from the Internet. We periodically conduct site wide scans and engage in external security audits.

Privacy Policy

Information we collect and how we use it