Chicago Park District 2010 Movies in the Park

Find which Chicago Park District \"Movies in the Park\" are playing near you this summer! They start at dusk. In June, dusk is at 9:03 pm; in July, it falls between 8:41-9:04 pm; in August, between 7:54-8:40 pm; in September, between 7:37-7:53 pm. For the time of dusk on a particular day, go here, pick the appropriate month, and scan down the \"civil twilight ends\" column. This page is unofficial and is provided without warranty of any kind, express or implied, but is hopefully light on errors; if there are any, we fix \'em as we find \'em, but to be sure, double-check the original movie data before you leave your house! Find an error? E-mail me! Also, just FYI, I\'m unemployed and looking for – well, ideally a permanent legal secretary position with a established downtown firm, but I\'m flexible. I type 121 wpm and have 11 years\' experience (mostly in litigation). E-mail me if you\'d like my resume!

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