611 I Street SW Purchase Sales Comp Analysis

8 Unit sales from 2014 Used within about 4 blocks of subject. Most built mid 60's except one building built in 2000. Most have HOA fee about $60/month. Most are 2 floors up and basement, a few have 3 floors up with or without basement. Most have offstreet parking, couiple have 1-2 car garage on ground floor. Used formula of taking 50% of basement SF and adding to above ground SF to get Total Effective SF for Values per SF. Probably needs a little positive adjustment for those units that have garages (that space was not valued in the formula, but it would probably have $30-50k value). Subject needs major cosmetic upgrade so estimated $320/SF is current value. If attic area on subject can be finished would add 800+ SF to building or at least another $100k to value.

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