China Voyage

This is the approximate route the John Barry and nephew Patrick Hayes took from Philadelphia to China on their trading voyage.

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China VoyagePhiladelphia, PA
Country: United States
China VoyageReedy Island
Country: United States
Date: December 17, 1787
China VoyageCape Verde Islands
China VoyageCape Roxo, Guinea Coast
Latitude: 13° North
Date: January 24, 1788
China VoyageEquator
Date: February 12, 1788
China Voyage
Latitude: 28° South
Date: Mid-March
China VoyageCape Town
Country: South Africa
China VoyageCanton
Country: South Africa
Latitude: 39° South
Date: Late-April
China Voyage
Latitude: 37° 45' South
Date: May 2, 1788
China Voyage
Longitude: 103° East
Date: May 25, 1788
Java Coast
Date: June 6, 1788
Strait of Sunda
Date: June 10, 1788
Strait of Banca
Date: June 20, 1788
Date: June 30, 1788
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