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Phoenix Comicon folks, where are you from?

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Phoenix Convention CenterPHOENIX COMICON!
The Super Laundry Bag Web SeriesSuper Laundry Bag Web Series Facebook page: Nancy Rose Copyright 2011 Super hero For The Arts "Making the World a Better Place One Video At A Time" Lifetime supporter of Music, Art, and Theater in local public school curriculums!! Nominee, Governor's ARTS Award 2012 Outstanding Original Skit - Saboten Con skit Competition 2013 My universe is located in Area 51, Nevada :) But, I'm in the local Phoenix Area for any charity appearances!!!
Distance: 0.19 mi
Lady BrattGame Central
Distance: 0.19 mi
Leon NoëlGame Master, Goofy from Kingdom Hearts
Distance: 0.19 mi
NatashaRomanofAttendee, my second year :)
Distance: 1.26 mi
Freedom StrikerMemorial Park - Symbol of Arizona
Distance: 1.28 mi
@jose602@jose602 @TheTorchTheatre
Distance: 2.72 mi
Ariana MorganBooth number 481, Dollipop Cosmetics!
Distance: 3.18 mi
The Torch TheatreThe Torch Theatre is Phoenix's home for longform improv comedy & theatre! On Thursday, June 5th @ 7:30pm, we'll be presenting The Comichood with true stories from Phil Haldiman (aka Denny from cult hit, The Room) at the outdoor performance stage on 3rd Street between Monroe & Roosevelt for free! You can find out more about our improv shows & classes at, @TheTorchTheatre, or!
Distance: 3.94 mi
Kathy GilbertVendor- Booth AA50
Distance: 4.62 mi
Jay ZareckiThe Hero of Time Space Wolf Commander
Distance: 4.86 mi
Leandro RomeroAttendee: part of the Star Wars costuming groups, including; 501st, Rebel Legion and The Mando Mercs. Also XO for the Justice League Arizona, a costume club dedicated to the DC universe. Major cosplay as Gomez Addams, with a Facebook page dedicated to that:
Distance: 5.02 mi
Shannon GalarneauVolunteered for Phoenix Comicon for a few years. Been a Vendor for a Few years.
Distance: 5.19 mi
FemmieI am a travel agent, online DJ, three-time Phoenix Comicon volunteer, and have been known to rock pink hair. Let's be friends.
Distance: 6.80 mi
CurtisSuper Stoked! This is my first Comicon!
Distance: 6.95 mi
University of Advancing TechnologyVendor!
Distance: 7.42 mi
Veronica StephanAttendee for many years, volunteered for a few years and have many friends that still volunteer. Dressed up as Kaylee Frye from Firefly in 2013 to meet Jewel Staite and plan to dress up again as her to meet Nathan Fillion this year, 2014. My husband of 7 years will also be attending with me. We come for the games; artists; authors; actors; and friends, some of whom are artists and authors.
Distance: 7.68 mi
Robi DeanPhoenix Gaymer, Pokemon Breeder, psiguy on ig
Distance: 8.60 mi
Shiara ArashiCosplay Photographer and Editor Instagram: @shiarafreaky Twitter: @Thecomicfreak PSN: Arashi_05
Distance: 8.84 mi
Hammermember of the 501st Legion, Star Wars costuming club (among others)
Distance: 9.07 mi
Agent KellzDepartment of Zombie Defense
Distance: 9.26 mi
AmarinAmarin Astarte, Melanistic Serval @ Large!
Distance: 9.46 mi
Four Eyed Radio NetworkMore info at
Distance: 9.57 mi
Sean JohnsonThird year as an attendee, first year as a panelist/performer! Catch me at Rocky Horror Friday at 10:00pm and Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog Sunday at 11:00am!
Distance: 9.59 mi
Ryan QuackenbushArtist of
Distance: 9.59 mi
Masulsa Promotions
Distance: 9.79 mi
Joshua SilvermanWebsite: Twitter: @BearPunch & @ConCalPod
Distance: 9.91 mi
Teresa RoganAgent Ripley with the Department of Zombie Defense at booth J.
Distance: 10.04 mi
Randy O. KnightDriving from Tempe every day. If you need a ride msg me on facebook Randy O. Knight (dolfworks).
Distance: 10.15 mi
Mark GreenawaltArtist Alley Table 1501
Distance: 10.40 mi
Distance: 10.46 mi
David Pachterattendee and volunteer aka Dj Pac D
Distance: 10.56 mi
Randy (dolfworks)Volunteering. I get there before the doors open and leave after they close Wed (set up) thru Sun.
Distance: 10.67 mi
Aurora's CreationsVendor, Also a member of the Arizona Men In Black
Distance: 11.40 mi
Crescent's CreationsCrescent's Creations - We sell custom buttons, jewelry, hand sanitizer, and lotion. We also have a number of comics and games! If you need buttons made to sell, we're your source! Cheapest in the valley! 2.25 inch size.
Distance: 11.42 mi
Ann CaoI'll be going as an attendee with my boyfriend. This is going to be my first Comicon so I'm super excited! Find me on instagram @point5b :)
Distance: 11.95 mi
Anabel MartinezBeen attending since 2009. Booth: 497
Distance: 12.19 mi
Bella and BruiserHandmade baby and child clothing vendors.
Distance: 12.33 mi
Bella & BruiserBella & Bruiser is vending in the artist alley booth AA42 I make baby and kid clothing.
Distance: 12.33 mi
Korey You can most likely find me near the video games. Looking to rock the Nerd Poetry Slam once again! Also hoping to volunteer for the first time this year. Would love to meet new people at the con! :D
Distance: 12.34 mi
Distance: 12.57 mi
Erin LaustenErin Lausten - Author of Fantastical Adventures and Adventurous Fantasies
Distance: 12.69 mi
Rasheda SmithI am an attendees, past comicon staff. I have been attending one way or another since 2009. I live in Scottsdale and travel back and forth all the days, only go Friday through Sunday because of work schedule.
Distance: 12.99 mi
NicNacVolunteer with Kids Need to Read, CosPlayer, Geek
Distance: 13.15 mi
Distance: 13.49 mi
Kiara ScrafanoI'm part of the Phoenix Comicon moderators team! (Programming)
Distance: 13.51 mi
Kevin CoulstonVendor
Distance: 13.54 mi
mark restuccimember of fleet 31
Distance: 13.99 mi
Brad Bradyquazigeek / ydarbb
Distance: 14.06 mi
Rob McilroyAttendee
Distance: 14.09 mi
Marty FreetageArt Manager for Phoenix Comicon. Rockin the con since 2010!
Distance: 14.46 mi
Jake FrasierTwitter @jake_frasier
Distance: 14.50 mi
Kids Need to ReadKids Need to Read, Booth 459: Producers of Geek Prom at Phoenix Comicon, Sponsored by Bookmans!
Distance: 14.55 mi
Brick Cave MediaVendor, a Microglomerate Media Company Publishing, Film and Audio
Distance: 14.73 mi
MattSci-fi/Science Programming Event Volunteer
Distance: 14.90 mi
Ben DickinsonAttendee You have seen me as He-Man, Spider-man, Chris Redfield, Thor, Punisher, and Elliot Salem.
Distance: 15.98 mi
HaylGuest, cosplayer
Distance: 15.99 mi
Tom ArroyoTom A., TB-6962 501st, Gamer Tag: TeamTEOR,
Distance: 16.01 mi
Shawn F.Twitter @cougar78
Distance: 16.04 mi
Shirley RunyonCostume Designer, owner of The Glitzy Faery, Costuming Panels Coordinator for Phoenix ComiCon.
Distance: 16.08 mi
ColeBekahMi Casa
Distance: 16.42 mi
Rising Sun KarateTim VanDenover Owner/ Instructor at Rising Sun Karate 10855 N. Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd Suite 101 Scottsdale, AZ 85259 (480)860-1255
Distance: 16.56 mi
TJ Van Der WerfI am the SciFi, Fantasy and Science Programming Manager for Phoenix Comicon.
Distance: 16.58 mi
Distance: 16.58 mi
GabrielI just go to college.
Distance: 16.71 mi
RolandThis will be my 4th year attending and I am excited to have multiple cosplays this year!
Distance: 16.79 mi
MdubladeAttendee, Star Wars Neighborhood, Cactus Bricks
Distance: 17.02 mi
Agile Pig
Distance: 17.60 mi
Tony Sabal@TonySabal
Distance: 17.61 mi
Darryl and Sharon ShultsAttendee/with Star Wars group AZ Shonare Vhekadla Clan Mandalorian Mercs.
Distance: 17.66 mi
Sweet FireflyCosplayer and longtime attendee.
Distance: 17.74 mi
Mike the GreatAttendee
Distance: 18.75 mi
AZ duckyConquest complete
Distance: 18.77 mi
Derrick WWill be attending for the third year. If anyone can offer up a ride or wants to split a room, we can talk! Co-host of "Current Circuits"
Distance: 19.19 mi
John B BacovcinThe Names John B Bacovcin my mission statuses: befriend nearly everyone ever,teach the world to embrace the weird,and write new pages in my ongoing book called "life" (lol get it,because i'm alive and ALSO I'M FUNNY SOMETIMES)
Distance: 19.21 mi
Keith RockAttendee, 501st Legion member, Dune Sea Garrison member/Public Relations Officer
Distance: 19.26 mi
Steam CrowWe're local artists, been exhibiting at PHXCC since 2006. We're lucky to have such a cool show here locally!
Distance: 19.68 mi
MetalfireAttendee, Member of the Mandalorian Mercs Charity Costume Club.(
Distance: 20.05 mi
Ian Hampton5th Year going I believe. I really love Phoenix Comicon, and I've got a ton of stuff planned. By that, I mean every day I'm doing something. Last year I kinda wandered about, and only went to two panels. Sorta because I hadn't planned at all, and finished my Junior Year that day (thursday). This year, Con starting later than usual, I graduated highschool, and I have it all planned out. Hopefully it goes according to grisfliblim. I'm on facebook, as Ian Hampton, see there On Tumblr as imsoweirdimnotanitimanith (it involves my initials heheh) On steam as ianflow124 On reddit as LoverIan
Distance: 20.37 mi
Michael MilosevicAttendee and comic noob
Distance: 21.61 mi
Bex MontgomeryVolunteer and First-time Attendee!
Distance: 21.65 mi
Mark WebbGuest. Website:
Distance: 22.09 mi
Hinds FamilyThis is where the Hinds family resides. We are PCC veterans, admins for the PCC Facebook page, cosplayers, and creators of the Nerd Noms Con panel.
Distance: 22.27 mi
Dave KN/A
Distance: 22.31 mi
Distance: 22.33 mi
JeffSpace, Time and Fantasy
Distance: 22.35 mi
TD-0013TD-0013 is the Director and Master of Ceremonies for the Phoenix ComiCon Masquerade.
Distance: 22.85 mi
trevor jones3 year attendee
Distance: 23.39 mi
Tim and Amber CampbellVolunteer/Guest
Distance: 23.40 mi
Guillermo HernandezXBox Gamertag: MjrXero
Distance: 23.48 mi
Jose CabralGoing for my birthday with my gf! Excited, hopefully I can win the contest too :)
Distance: 23.73 mi
TreyYou can find me in the gym....
Distance: 25.25 mi
Graham'sVolunteer mainly with Star Wars and zombie walks
Distance: 25.43 mi
Tony TAllons-Y!
Distance: 25.58 mi
DaveAttendee 3yrs
Distance: 25.80 mi
Josh HamanoCommander Wolffe!
Distance: 26.35 mi
Distance: 27.12 mi
Red Nebula StudiosWe're an indie art and cosplay studio based in Maricopa, AZ, specializing in dragons and other amazing creatures. Find us at http://www.rednebulastudios or
Distance: 27.91 mi
AnthemJimStar Wars: The Tatooine Experience Costuming groups liaison
Distance: 28.68 mi
Sam MortWe always make comicon into a family trip and get a hotel in downtown so we can stay near the action! You can see the pics I take at comicon this year by going to
Distance: 29.02 mi
KellieStaff Member in Artist Alley. Also known as NRDYGRL!
Distance: 32.46 mi
Distance: 33.23 mi
Aelaidoann t'MhiessanXO of the KAG ship, IKV Karnage - Klin-Fire fleet
Distance: 35.50 mi
Firechilde Glass StudioWe are Firechilde Glass Studio's and proud to have a booth at Phoenix Comicon this year. We're going to have a lot of very cool comic inspired glass pendants and marbles at our table. If you see us, please come say Hi! Our booth number is #1942 You can stalk us on facebook too:
Distance: 36.85 mi
Nathan Cox33.101127 , -111.494731
Distance: 41.13 mi
Brittney H.Second year attending. Basically, the drive is nothing but dirt and cactus for miles on end.
Distance: 51.01 mi
CKA StudiosCostumer, Photographer, Panelist
Distance: 70.97 mi
Jennifer LopezCo-organizer of the Tucson Steampunk Society, we will be putting on tea dueling and various members will be hosting panels throughout the convention.
Distance: 97.35 mi
Jeff SchwarzI'm just a regular attendee.
Distance: 98.68 mi
Distance: 101.53 mi
Isaac CabreraArtist at and, Community Manager for Evil Robo Productions (
Distance: 107.88 mi
Sheila Hattendee/volunteer
Distance: 107.88 mi
ASHLERASHLER will be at booth AA23 with ANTI-HERO BRAND PRESS, debuting two new comics SATIRE issue 1 and Youth in Asia issue 8. Plus selling sick $5 digital & watercolor pencil art prints of Geekdom Madness! and will be doing commissions and sketches CA$H 4 Booze Initiative ^^ and any Tip$ & Donation$ are appreciated. So come check us out at the Phoenix Con & Online. THANKS
Distance: 108.32 mi
Tonomura BixThe Rogue N7 Jedi Ninja Vendor Tonomura Bix!
Distance: 109.03 mi
Left Hand AsylumBooth 792 Mixed Media Art Creations from the Madhouse Left Hand Asylum will be at Booth 792
Distance: 109.37 mi
brenda fullerpanelist and been attending phoenix comic con for 5 years.also member of az tardis
Distance: 110.61 mi
Airship SleipnirA steampunk artists group, you can find us as booth # 425!
Distance: 110.94 mi
Kevin DAttendee, 2014 will be 3rd time at the con.
Distance: 111.43 mi
Distance: 123.29 mi
Distance: 136.36 mi
coryalexI'm driving from Willcox, AZ. I'll be presenting a panel on Friday on 3D printing and prop making. I'll be covering my Vera build and my Team Fortress 2 Minigun build. Find me on the Replica Prop Forum (theRPF) as "coryalex"
Distance: 153.05 mi
TIm McDanielAttendee, Full-Event Twitter: @TrickyHandz Website:
Distance: 182.38 mi
Angela KennedyI am a panelist that is doing multiple panels this year, including Doctor Who and Harry Potter. My official Tumblr is
Distance: 224.59 mi
Mariah2 attendees. One being a wookiee coming for the wookiee charades.
Distance: 316.28 mi
Kevin HerrmannPanelist for the Spirits of the Force Tenth Anniversary Reunion
Distance: 374.76 mi
A. Wrighton, AuthorBooth #1942 - Sci-Fi/Fantasy Author, A. Wrighton, known for the genre-bending Dragonics & Runics Series of novels. Releasing an exclusive D&R novel just for PCC with exclusive artwork done by Phoenix legend, Anabel Martinez, and local favorite, Gabrielle Donathan. Read Book 1 - (available in all ebook formats, paperback, and audiobook) Read Book 2 - (coming soon to all formats; available in Kindle and paperback) @a_wrighton
Distance: 388.61 mi
Distance: 549.84 mi
Drunk VaderAttendee, party animal
Distance: 554.77 mi
Daniel GarciaJust an avid runner that likes to go to Comic Con and lift people over my head. Yes, it's a thing I do. :)
Distance: 598.68 mi
Renae ClarkAttendee
Distance: 616.51 mi
IntenseComplexREBEL 1 ACTION
Distance: 717.35 mi
Gabe LuebbenGabe Luebben Phoenix Comic Con Fan/Attendee
Distance: 836.54 mi
BobutaAttendee since 2007 and now also a volunteer
Distance: 885.91 mi
Distance: 998.55 mi
Kevin CoughlinI came from Spokane three years ago. My first Phoenix Comicon was three years ago. I decided to stay. Coincidence? Maybe......
Distance: 1,025.34 mi
JonVisiting from Independence Missouri for the second year in a row!
Distance: 1,056.98 mi
Jessica WillardNot even a move to Seattle can stop me!!
Distance: 1,130.27 mi
Dorothy I'm a cosplayer from Calgary! Looking forward to my first Phoenix Comicon.
Distance: 1,221.23 mi
Sean 'Thaxos' ThomsonCanadian attendee, haven't decided if I'm flying, driving, or riding the motorcycle down to the con. @Thaxos on Twitter
Distance: 1,364.34 mi
Jason T and Katie TYay!
Distance: 1,548.59 mi
Henchmen PropsPropmaker and Cosplayer coming down for my first PCC (and first US Con!)
Distance: 1,874.84 mi
Super Laundry BagI will be at Phoenix Comicon this year in spirit mode via facebook and through my website at I am on a special mission to promote music, art, and theater in schools throughout the United States, while battling demons that threaten mankind. Currently I am stationed at Area 51 South....To be continued!!!
Distance: 1,973.95 mi
Distance: 2,040.14 mi
Distance: 4,109.17 mi
DeeSuper excited to get to go to all 4 days this year!
Distance: 7,033.73 mi
CyrilFort Huachuca @shiriru78(twitter) shiriru78(Reddit)
Distance: 7,214.55 mi
Mike's Toy AnxietyI run a small shop at 20th st & Indian School Rd. Check out Mike's Toy Anxiety on Facebook for pictures of what I carry. I will have a booth at Phoenix Comicon.
Distance: NaN mi
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